I have been playing the electronic keyboard for almost 23 years.
When I was young(er) :-) I played a lot of classical (mostly Bach).
Now I enjoy playing ethnic music from Iran, and Eastern Europe.
I have composed a few melodies for the piano, and I am working on a couple
of others for the orchestra.
Below are excerpts from two of my compositions.
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Persian Rhapsody (MIDI File)

Dance of the Butterfly (MIDI File)


Every once in a while I fall into a certain kind of drawing craze.
I draw a few things, ranging from cartoon animals to still life, and then
the fever goes away. I'll try to upload a few of my drawings.


All right. I play tennis too, although my backhand needs a lot of

Culture !!

J'ai etudié la litérature Française à l'Université de Neuchâtel en Suisse. Je suis membre de
l'Alliance Française des villes Jumelles (Minneapolis et St. Paul).
On a des réunion de temps en temps avec la communauté francophone.
Agence France Press


I took ballroom dancing lessons a couple of years ago. Since then I have mostly been Swing dancing !

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