Example Conversations

Conversation 1

- Did you get your certificate ?
- Yes, it came in the mail yesterday.
- How was the test ?
- Pretty easy. There wasn't much to it.
- How was the oral exam ?
- It was a breeze ! There were some questions on vocabulary, and sentence structure. That's about it.
- You make it sound so easy !
- It is easy. I'll give you a list of sample questions that was handed out. Study up and give it a shot. You never know when an English language certificate might come in handy.

Conversation 2

- Is there an English class this Thursday night ?
- Yes there is ! The class starts at 5, it usually goes on till about 7. Then there's a questions and answers session. That will go on as long as folks stick around. Would you be interested ?
- Definitely. Could you put my name down please ?
- Sure !
- Thank you ! Would I need to bring anything ?
- Just a notebook. There will be hand-outs.

Conversation 3

- So, what are up to these days ?
- Not much. I've been busy putting some web pages together.
- What about ?
- Conversations in American English. You know, slang, common expressions, et cetera ...
- Cool ! Could I take a look ?
- By all means ! Actually I was going to run them by you. You got a few minutes ?
- Absolutely. Give me ten minutes. I'll grab a bite to eat and I'll be right back.
- Sure. Take your time. I'll be around.

Conversation 4

- Where are you from ?
- I'm originally from a small town in Wisconsin, but I grew up in North Carolina for the most part.
- How come ?
- My dad got a job there, so we moved there when I was very young. How about you ? Are you from around here ?
- No, I'm from Jackson.
- Oh yeah ? Jackson, Mississipi ?
- No, Jackson, Minnesota.
- I didn't know there's a Jackson, Minnesota !
- Yes. There is a town in Minnesota called Jackson.

Conversation 5

- Hello ? Can I talk to Mike Anderson please ?
- Mike isn't in yet. Should I have him call you back when he comes in ?
- Well, this is Bob from Fabulous Furniture. We were supposed to deliver a desk this morning.
- Oh, that's fine. You can come by and I'll have the manager let you in.
- Great. I would appreciate it.
- No problem. Is there anything else I could help you with ?
- That's about it. Thanks !
- Sure. I'll call the building manager right away.
- Sounds good. We'll see you in a bit then.

- Is the manager around ? I haven't been able to get a hold of her.
- No, she won't be coming in today. She called in sick this morning. Talk to Mike if you need something.

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